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An app that makes sense – Wixio

So what is Wixio?

Wixio is an iPhone or Android App that makes it safe for kids to explorer the internet, watch online videos, provide safe searching, reduce screen time, and block ads.

Be in control of what your kids do and watch on the internet.  Wixio provides easy protection against inappropriate content.  With safe-searching, YouTube, and content filters, Wixio is always in control.

With time limits that you can set for internet usage, be in control of screen time.


Marco Wix in the cloud
Marco Parental Control in the cloud

We've got you covered

Kids visiting inappropriate sites or watching content they shouldn’t?  Want to eliminate the influence of these sites and include safe-searching for kids?  Wixio has you covered through content filtering, safe-searching, YouTube filter, screen time management and ad blocking.