Ways to control kid's screen time

Here are some great links for Facebook online safety.

Facebook has it’s own safety page – https://www.facebook.com/safety


If you need to report something, find it here – https://www.facebook.com/report

There are a number of tools concerning blocking and privacy – www.facebook.com/safety/tools.

Helpful tools

  • Blocking: prevent someone from contacting you or seeing your content
  • Activity Log: a record of all of your Facebook activity
  • Social reporting: to help people deal with concerns that do not break Facebook’s terms and conditions
  • View As: see what your Timeline looks like to other people
  • Timeline review: review photos or posts you’ve been tagged in before they appear on your Timeline
  • App privacy: control what you share with third party apps on Facebook
  • Tag review: lets you review tags that people add to your posts
  • Location: review when your location is shared, inclusing how to remove location from existing posts
Son surfing the internet with web filters applied

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